Biodiversity and Business

Biodiversity refers to the abundance of different species living in a given area. When you consider biodiversity, you might first think about jungle areas or even marine reefs which feature vibrant colours. While it is true that some of the most bio-diverse places in the world are located in tropical regions, the UK also features biodiversity on many levels. As time passes, more business owners are encroaching on naturally bio-diverse areas in order to create manufacturing plants, and to build packaging structures. This is true for businesses which are online as well, because the items that people buy must come from a distribution centre. Increasingly, more UK businesses are becoming aware of the biological repercussions of their operations.

One of the ways UK businesses have made an effort to protect biodiversity, is to focus on using recycled materials. For example, many main offices only purchase bulk printing paper which has been made from recycled wood, or from sustainable forests. Additionally, there are some businesses which sell items which come from recycled goods. Those who work with the arts often sell incredible metal figures from recycled metals. On another level, businesses strive to do their part by asking all employees to recycle their plastic bottles from drink machines. These efforts serve to protect biodiversity, and to teach people about the importance of the environment.

Planning and development of your business should also take biodiversity into consideration. If you choose to build a packaging building on a tract of land, you must contact the environmental resources department to make sure that local wildlife will not be disturbed. History is rife with cases in which pollution changed the landscape of a given area. Pollution from factories and acoustic pollution also play a factor. The noise generated by machinery and constant shipment procedures often scares away birds and other animals. This is why it is important to investigate an area before placing your business in the wrong path.

Some UK business owners show how savvy they are by helping to maintain an area’s biodiversity, as opposed to ruining it. One way this is achieved, is through landscaping. Retention ponds are often built to help rain water drain from parking areas, and to protect the foundation of a newly built business. However, these ponds are great areas to plant vegetation. This in turn helps flowers to grow, thus attracting butterflies and other natural insects which play an important role in the environment. There are some businesses which leave retention ponds open to allow animals to drink from them.

As more people populate the earth, biodiversity dwindles. However, it does not have to suffer if savvy business owners take the time to assess their company’s impact on the environment. Demonstrating environmental awareness is a great way to attract customers who respect this train of thought. It also makes your company much more inviting, and land owners might be willing to approve expansion if they know that you conduct all operations responsibly.