Global Business in the UK

The UK continues its influence on global business through innovative techniques and strategies. In fact, major UK businesses are investing in technology, such as new communications technologies, to help people to become more connected. A recent survey involving 650 UK businesses showed that up to 77% of British businesses are planning international expansions. Most of the companies who have not expanded globally, cite insufficient funds as the major source of concern. However, the amount of money spent to expand pays dividends for many of the world’s successful companies.

Most business owners agree that the modern age of technology requires UK businesses to make changes in order to compete in a competitive market. Technology has enabled UK businesses to tap into markets from around the world. Even traditionally offline businesses have benefitted from doing so. Take a waste management and rubbish removal company in London like Clear it Waste for example. Traditionally, they relied on word of mouth and face-to-face communication to both attract new waste disposal clients and also to organise bookings and payments. Now however, they get new clients online and customers can book in their junk removal online at a convenient time and date. Both the consumer and the business benefits from the use of technology in such cases. The businesses which refuse to recognise this fact stand to suffer the most, as competitors will continue to reap the rewards from instant communication. This is why many companies now employ multiple people to handle IT jobs. IT jobs are becoming more important as more people understand the potential benefits to running a global operation. When one aspect of the infrastructure goes down, it effects the entire operation negatively.

Perhaps the most challenging aspect for UK businesses, is getting the most possible out of their current communications abilities. It takes time to change over to new methods in order to compete in the global market. New operating systems must go through major changes, and all clients must be aware of these changes. Remember, the whole process can be lengthy, especially between international business partners who reside all over different regions of the world. Investments to improve infrastructure are important to competing globally. These investments have the potential to help UK businesses earn much more money in shorter amounts of time.

Global UK businesses invest in company changes in different ways. Some changes, such as software changes, often take time to develop. Veteran employees must be willing to challenge themselves to understand the task at hand, and to re-learn aspects of the company that they have grown accustomed to running for many years. Most companies choose to invest and make changes in phases. This means that they pinpoint the areas which need immediate attention, and then invest in those so that they do not fall behind competitors. A sudden drastic change to compete globally is often detrimental to long term success, as flaws in the system can cause a company significant financial damage.

In order for a company to stay competitive globally, it must be willing to establish great networks. Networks are created during conference calls, e-mail solicitations, and other factors. Forging quality international relationships is the basis for great business success. Sometimes partners will still opt for your product, even when a cheaper product comes along. The quality of your service or product goes a long way in establishing global legitimacy. UK businesses show that they remain the leaders in a globally competitive environment, while paving the way for others to follow.